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      I’m helping a family member research a bell they acquired a few years back. I’m guessing it is 20″ wide and has the markings U.S.L.H.S. 1930. Based on what I’ve found it is from a US Lighthouse Service Ship. They said they think it came from a ship salvaged in the 2000’s. I did find ship LV114 first set sail in 1930 and was scrapped in the 2000’s. Can anyone help confirm the research I’ve done and maybe point me in a direction to find out more info. He would like to recreate the original mounting of the bell if possible.

      On a side note, the bell seems to marks all the way around it where it was “rung”. We would have assumed it would have always been stuck in the same spot. How would this happen?

      Thank you for any advice and assistance.

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      USLHS stands for United States Light House Service, and it does not necessarily mean that the bell was used on a lightship. With ringing marks all the way around, it seems more likely that this bell was used on a bell buoy. Some of those had multiple external hammers, but this does not appear to have external marks. So I expect an internal clapper that could swing freely in all directions, so that it would ring regardless of the direction from which waves were coming.

      A photo of the interior would be helpful, especially if the clapper survives.

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