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      Hi all
      we have a large bell which looks like the Hemony Russian Bear on your website. but after reading some forum comments we are not sure if it is, as it may pre-date F.Hemony’s birth !?
      can anyone advise us where to look to seek further clarification of its authenticity please.

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      Welcome to our site!
      If you can post some photos, that would help greatly. Also do some simple tests and measurements if you would. To get started:
      1- Height?
      2- Diameter?
      3- Can you tell the material it’s made of? (brass, silver, bronze, iron …)
      a) does a rare earth magnet stick to it? Have a slight pull? Have no effect?
      b) test the parts separately – handle, bell, clapper
      4- any marks or markings?
      a) discolorations
      b) wear marks
      c) writings
      d) symbols
      Photos should include:
      a) bell in profile
      b) close ups of any marks/markings
      c) interior of the bell to see the clapper, it’s attachments, and where it strikes the bell inside.

      We (the members) have a number of references we use to try and help identify bells, so there is no ‘one’ source we can give you for that!


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, Peter,

      I don’t claim to be an expert on Hemony Bells but the Hemony Russian Bear and the other “Hemony Bells” with dates on them (so-called “table bells”) were not made by the Hemony Brothers. You are right, they were not made during F. Hemony’s life-time. The brothers made large carillon bells. Other ABA members and I haven’t found any source of information about who may have made the table Hemony bells. Some of them do have an engraved country of origin on them but not the name of the maker.

      I don’t speak for anyone except myself but I believe most of them are reproductions of reproductions made by bell makers other than the Hemony brothers.

      Just my opinion!


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