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      I have a bell that I will really like to obtain information about. I tried to post a picture but was only able to provide a link to the pic. The bell appears to be very old, is solid brass and has various objects extending off the top of the ring that is on top of the bell. There are animals and flower or fern like objects around the bell. There are 4 names but two are not legible. The names are St. MARCVS St.JOHANNES. The other letters are AS+ and HEVS. I think the V’s are actually U’s. If anyone can tell me anything about this bell I will be very grateful. If not, does anyone know of a source that I might go to to try and find out about it?

      This is not documented but supposedly there were four of these bells, each one somewhat different, that belonged to some type of priests, possibly Belgium or Spanish. This information is by word of mouth but I have not been able to verify that.


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      Looks like an Evangelists Bell, more likely Belgian than Spanish, could also be English.
      I made few reproductions of such bell, here is the link for it.


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      ovidiu oana

      the bell you are talking about is a very common one in Europe.
      It’s name is THE FOUR APOSTLES BELL
      I have one in my collection:

      Also, Carolyn posted some about
      Hope this was helpfull!

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