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      Joan Elliott

      I’m working closely with a local school to try and identify the history to a bell in the school corridor.

      The bell is engraved with a name and a date. The school historian has done quite a bit of research and has located what could possibly be the person whose name is engraved. She now wants to find his connection with the school.

      She is asking me the following questions and I wonder if anyone can give an answer …

      Generally speaking why would a person have their name put on a bell?
      Is it likely that our bell was a presentation or commemoration?
      Would it be worth me looking through the Liverpool newspaper archives for 1922?

      I should mention the bell is in the UK 🙂


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      In the States, bronze school bells often had the names of the school board president or even the members of the school board cast into the bell when purchase was approved. It is not uncommon to find a school bell with the name of the school and one or more school officials on the bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Peter Hyde

      I have to say something about this one!
      I love engraved bells. They make the bell seem so real by being linked forever (hopefully) to a specific name or place. I had a Whitechapel bell made for both my wife and I engraved with our names which I hope will be passed down the family. And even when it inevitably leaves the family it will leave someone thinking and wondering about this odd character who lived in the New Forest in 20th century. Just as I do about the likes of Cornelius Cole, Fred Barrrett and Sir George Murray and others whose names sit on my shelves and get looked at affectionately. If they are in any way connected with bells that’s good enough for me.
      As for your school bell, who knows? Someone or their parents may have had fond memories and wanted to donate something to the school. Or the bell was named after someone special in recognition. More research is required to get the facts.
      If anyone buys a bell for a specific use or purpose future generations of collectors will be grateful if they have a suitable engraving on the bell. And come on fellow collectors – if you do not have one already, get at least one engraved with your name. If no one else wanted it it, I would seek it out if I was still around!

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      Joan Elliott

      Thanks Harry and Peter for your contribution to the discussion. I’ve forwarded your comments to my contact at the school. Let’s hope the mystery man is found 🙂


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