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      Peter Hyde

      I cannot resist the lure of an engraved bell which identifies the original owner or the reason behind the making or purchase of the bell. Many church bells carry a variety of inscriptions. My main interest lies in finding engraved bronze or brass hand bells ideally with the makers mark.
      I wonder if any ABA members are willing to post photos of any engraved bells they have discovered.
      To start off, here is one of mine:

      It contains the following inscription:


      Royal Hotel Weymouth

      Presented by JJ Stainton

      Of Yacht Snowdrop

      August 8th 1873

      And around the sound bow:

      ‘May good digestion wait on appetite and health on both’ Shakespeare

      I have never been able to find out who Cornelius was and what he did! And how sad that this turned up in an antique shop in Romsey, England. But what a delight for me! I take good care of it. And Cornelius can rest in peace.

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