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      I have a brass bell on a holder that I was told came off a steamboat. It has a steam cylinder to activate the tipping and/or a handle for a rope? It has a Royal Crown insignia, with the letters E R stamped under it. It also has the letters S C C with the number “12/52″ benieth it. It is about 10″ in diameter and 10” tall, not counting the mounting nut. Can anyone identify the manufacturer, approximate date, use or purpose, and approximate value. Thanks, SPL

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      The crown and ER represents “Elizabeth Regina” or “Edward Rex” and would have been produced by an English Foundry that is chartered by the Royal House. The bell appears to be bronze and would certainly be consistent with a ship or steamboat bell. That is about all that I can add. Perhaps one of our English members can provide more information as the rings on the skirt are unique and probably will help identify the founder.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks for your information, I will keep trying. spl

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      Joan Elliott


      I am trying to research any information about your bell as I live in UK. So far no joy, but I will keep trying.


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      Joan Elliott

      I’ve been in contact with Whitechapel Bell Foundry and also John Taylor Bell Foundry in an attempt to gather some information for you. These are there responses ..
      We regret that we have virtually no information here concerning the secular employment of bells and whilst the engraving would suggest that it was of British origin we regret that we have no further information or knowledge to impart.

      I have looked at your photo and would comment as follows:
      Royal cipher ER
      12/52 means December 1952
      ER means Elizabeth Regina. She was Queen then but not crowned of course.
      S(urrey) County Council perhaps (my comment – Surrey is a county in the South of England)
      I’d have thought it was a fire engine bell or the like
      These bells were not usually manufactured by bellfounders, more likely by brass founders & I have no suggestions as to manufacturer.
      As to value, how long is a piece of string, its worth what anyone will give.
      I hope this helps.
      George Dawson
      Acting Archivist to John Taylor bellfounders.

      Hope this information helps.

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