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      This young lady has a style of clothing and hat that I have seen on bells called “Dutch” or “Belgium” in nature.
      It would be nice to know a bit more about it, if possible. (I don’t see this particular one in any of my books so far!)

      She’s not magnetic, so brass.
      2 1/4″ wide
      1 3/4″ deep
      2 1/4″ high.
      No marks or labels that I can find!

      Rough cast inside
      Slightly rocking on the skirt.


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      Interesting how things get on!

      I was cruising the Internet and came across this bell.

      with “ANVERS” on the apron.
      This is a community in BELGIUM.

      A Pretty close match to my bell, yes?


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      Joan Elliott

      Hi Gary

      I have in my collection some bells that are similar in design to the one you have posted, and they are all inscribed with different towns in Europe …


      I have always assumed them to be have been made after World War 1 as each of the towns were damaged during the Great War. Perhaps they were made to raise funds to re-build the towns, but I am open to other opinions.


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Please note: The bell I have posted below is not exactly the same bell as the one Garry has posted. Notice the difference in the bodice of the dress and the shape of the apron. I suspect that several versions of this bell have been made by various companies.

      The October 1984 issue of The Bell Tower has four pages from an old catalogue of the Pearson – Page – Jewsbury Co., Ltd. of Birmingham and London. There are pictures of many of the familiar figurine bells included on these pages, including this bell. Unfortunately, there are no names attached to the bells but at least we know these bells were sold by Pearson – Page – Jewsbury Co. I’m sure we have members who have copies of this company’s catalogs who may be able to find the names.

      The Bell Tower is the official publication of the American Bell Association International, Inc. Reprints of articles are available from the ABA Historian for the cost of copying and postage. When contacting the Historian, please include the title of the article and the month, year, and page number of the issue in which it appeared. Orders may be placed via phone call, USPS mail, or email. To order, contact: Leonard Hill, ABA Historian • 1929 Radford Ave. • Claremont, CA 91711 U.S.A. • Telephone: (909) 624-5695 • E-mail: bellahill@msn.com.

      To find the list of available articles, please go back to https://www.americanbell.org, click on the menu option for “Bell Tower Directory”, and you will find a list of articles that are organized by category of bells.

      You can find a brief timeline and history of Pearson – Page – Jewsbury at http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/wiki/Pearson-Page_Co

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      Joan Elliott

      Hi Gary

      I am going to try and upload the photographs taken of my brass lady bells from different regions of France. They are: …

      from left to right Anvers, Leige, Ypres

      from left to right Echternach, Bruges and Heyst

      Hope this gives you and idea of some of the bells and costumes from European cities. Each bell has the name of the town on the skirt of the girl.

      Sorry the pictures aren’t showing too much detail, I’m trying to get my head around photobucket and uploading images.


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