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      I have recently aquired a older looking farm bell. I believe it is alluminum. It has the color of cast iron it has a chip on it and it looks like alluminum underneath. The inscription is Durbin-Durco, St. Louis, MO. On the other side it says Red-D-Bell 2. I have searched all over to try to find out information and keep coming up empty handed. If anyone has any knowledge about this bell please let me know. Thankyou!

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      In researching Durbin-Durco in the internet, it manufactured cast tools and supplies for farms. I suspect that this was a cast farm bell that was sold by Durbin-Durco. Perhaps someone knows more about this item.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Seeing this post was amazing for me because my grandfather started Durbin Durco back in the 1930’s I believe. I use to go there as a little girl
      and I know of the bell you all are talking about. The company no longer exists. I believe it was in the 90’s when it closed its doors. My grandfather died in the 70’s. It was a rather large company and he made items that were always red in color and had Durbin Durco on them. His company made tie down binders,load binders, safety truck series, chains, tackle blocks and many many other items for trucks and other things. The bell was called red-durbin-bells. There was one that hung from the wall and I believe the other from a pole? They were made for farms, patio, home, cottage and boats. I hope this answered more of the questions. This really brings back happy memories of me with my grandfather, he was such a good man.

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        Not sure if smdurbin will see this post, as this thread is about 8 years old. Anyways, we bought a house in CO, and it has a Durbin Durco bell, that’s in really good condition. I’d like to know what kind of red the original bells were, and possibly refurbish it. It was neat reading the history about them.

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