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      Wow, Rob from Canada! Some great bells you have there!
      I only have one, and it’s also on an added wooden stand. That’s very handy as the clapper actually hangs lower than the bell skirt, and the stand has a hole in the middle that accommodates it.

      Search (see box in upper right of this window!) for “Dragon bell with Wings” to see my bell. It’s about a page back in the listings.

      A bit different than yours, but I like it!

      Garry (also from Canada).

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      I shall add two, neither on Rob’s scale.

      The first is a Dragon suspension bell (brass, 8″, 20 cm), the gong resembling a log and mounted on chains. These are common and there must be 50 on eBay at any given time, mostly from China at a low price and a high shipping fee. Rob has beautiful items, knows what he is doing, and acquires genuine antiques. However, the term oriental antique is mostly an oxymoron these days, unless you are willing to accept an antique that might possibly be 100 days old, but is nothing close to 100 years old. There are still some good ones around, but my advice is to know what you are getting and DO NOT OVERPAY.

      The second is a personal favorite, partly because it is another ‘homebrew’ figural marriage (bronze, 7 3/4″, 19.5 cm). Another figure that probably began life as a candle holder, it has now reached a higher calling. A satyr is grasping a side-strike tap bell and riding backwards on a sea serpent (I’m grasping for ‘sea-going dragon’), which in turn is mounted on the back of a turtle. The sea serpent and the satyr peer upwards to discern where all the noise is originating, while the turtle seems unconcerned.

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      I came upon this by chance while looking for information on a candle holder I own and thought you may be interested to see your bell in its previous life! As you can see from my (not very good) picture, the candle holder has snapped from mine so I suppose the same happeneded to yours before being modified. This one belonged to my great grandfather who was a dealer of metals.


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      My daughter-in-law collects dragons. I’ve been giving her daughters (my grandchildren – ages 3 and 5) bells with animals on them in hopes that they will grow to love the beauty of bells. So far, so good with the children! Lately, I’ve found a couple of bells with dragons on them and have bought them for my daughter-in-law (trying to tie the two collections together!). We need to nurture young people into collecting bells!

      Anyway, here are pictures of two of the dragon bells.

      The Chinese dragon looks brand new but, in fact, it has been in my mother’s bell collection for more than 50 years. But, I’m sure it’s “modern”, meaning it was probably new when she got it. The figural dragon bell is one that I recently found on an online auction site. It’s a nice, heavy bell, in excellent condition, and has great detail.

      Just thought I’d share…

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