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      The Photos do not do it justice!
      It’s not cheap brass, but a nice heavy old brass construction.
      Original owner say they purchased in Venus Italy, 1956 and was old then.
      The tail tip was already missing.
      7″ x 2 3/4″ in dimensions. Intricate design work, especially in the handle.
      Lightly pitted interior, (gold color painted inside, now wearing /flaking off) with grey/blue patches of ‘rust’.
      Non Magnetic.

      Any ideas of age, origins, or history on this bell?


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      The shape appears to be East Indian brass. I do not have any ideas about the dragon motif.
      Harry Long, MD

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      I would agree Harry, and the brass looks old too. Even has some ‘brass rust’ on it (blue/grey) but does not look mistreated so I believe it to be ‘honest’ patina. It’s a very ‘sculptural’ piece and well constructed.

      If I was pressed and absolutely had to guess the age, I’d put it in the 1800’s or perhaps even earlier.

      The clapper mount is built into the ‘handle’ for example. It looks like the base of the dragon is a small 3/4″ cylinder with a small tab protruding from the center of the bottom containing a hole to hang the elongated tear drop brass clapper. It was then inserted into the top of the bell through a matching ‘well’ hole about 1/2″ deep and pinned from the side through matching holes in both the ‘well’ and the ‘cylinder’.

      A very interesting construction indeed.


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      I would guess 1930s or 40s.

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      It is East Indian. The “dragon” is Garuda, a bird-like deity from Hindu mythology. I have a bell just like this. East Indian bells are not usually marked, unless they are made by Sarna. I think these are older than Sarna bells.


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