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      Here’s an interesting Brass Bell.
      Was enameled at one time, but most has worn off.
      The shields around the sides (4 of them) have what appear to be flowers in the center with two toned color enamel left/right or top/bottom depending on which you are looking at.
      Size is 5 7/8″ tall by 3 1/4″ diameter.
      Brass construction, pretty heavy at about 3/4 lbs.

      Does appear to have markings on the inside (see photo) that say China, preceded by markings that I can’t quite make out. Old eyeballs I guess.

      (red tag has a number on it, probably collector’s number, it came from a collection about 65 years old.)

      Anyone recognize it?


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      Yes it’s certainly Chinese export. Probably made anywhere from the turn of the century to the 20s. Items marked China as opposed to Made in China are older, but I can’t recall the exact dates. The bird could very well represent a mandarin duck. I have many of these types of bells in my collection, with and without enamel, but I have not seen this specific one before.


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