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      I have been expanding some of my bell collections of late – nothing terribly earth shattering, but some interesting general pieces here and there.

      One is a Door Bell of Sarna I thought I’d share with you! I like the unusual and Sarna actually made some unusual bells.

      Here’s a door bell of the Door Knocker variety, with a bell in place of the knocker. Unusual in itself (Haven’t seen that combination before) but it’s also inscribed!

      Inside the back it says “Bells of Sarna, U.S. Pat.Off. India, ’78”. I don’t quite know what he is indicating with the US Patent Office mark, there is no patent number or words saying ‘patent pending’, the usual marks to go with those words. The words are cast into the mold so I don’t think it’s one off made for the Patent Office in India. Just unusual wording maybe with parts of the wording missing perhaps.

      The Bell itself has the words “Bells of Sarna” cast on the inside of it.

      Anyway, I thought I’d show the piece here for those who are interested!

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      My Granfather used one of these as a door knocker on his house. He purchased it from Sarna in the mid to late 1950s.
      Harry Long, MD

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