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      Recently I acquired a door bell. It has a 5 inch diameter brass dome that screws onto an iron frame with iron bits making a ringing mechanism. On the outside rim of the brass dome there is an inscription that reads “P.&W.Co. PATENTED AUG 11, 1868”.


      I have done some research about this bell and from that I understand there were at least two slightly different versions made. The second version had the inscription “PATENTED AUG 11, 1868”; excluding the “P.&W.Co.”


      The internal mechanisms of each version were very similar but with subtly differences. They both included a crank that was used to turn a cog wheel which in turn moved a rocker with a spring. The rocker drove one of two hammers against the brass dome.


      The Aug 11, 1868 patent, I believe, refers to US Patent #80,983 issued to Thomas Lyons but the mechanism shown on the patent is not the same as on my bell.

      I have two questions.

      1.) If anyone has any further information about this bell I would be most interested in learning more. Where and when was it manufactured ? Why are there at least two versions ?

      2.) Does anyone know how I could acquire a replacement crank ? I would like to make it functional again.

      David Pike

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