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      I recently purchased 11 crystal bells made in West Germany(image 1) with a Dolfi figurine(image 2) as the clapper (for a very good price of $4 each). I first purchased 3 in 2002 that had a sales tag with the name Rainbow Connection(image 3) , and they are taller and thinner with a much clearer tone than the ones recently purchased(image 4). I did buy some online like the recent purchase at the time.

      Does anyone have more information about these, such “did Dolfi actually have these produced or was it another company?” Do the figurines have names or numbers? Approximate years of production?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, Beausone,

      I’ve been doing some online research as a result of your question. I have several Dolfi bells, too. First, I looked on ebay and read the descriptions of the bells listed there. So far, I have discovered that the bells are made in at least three different countries: Italy, West Germany, and Taiwan. The one consistent thread for all these bells is their carved wooden clappers were all made by Dolfi woodcarvers in Italy. You can see pictures of some of Dolfi’s “wooden figurine in crystal bells” at . There is also a section about their Collectible Crystal Bells at .

      Although I don’t know for a fact, I suspect that the bell makers provide the glass blanks and contract with Dolfi to provide the clappers. That’s my best guess. Hopefully someone else can contribute more accurate information!


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      Carolyn, Thank you for your effort. That is basically what I had found except the different countries. Just tried another search using “original Dolfi figurine,” and I came across this: https://www.dolfi.com/en/themeworlds/crystal-bells-with-wooden-figure-for-collectors, so these may have actually been produced by Dolfi. They also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DolfiOfficial/. I sent them an email asking for history of the bells. Perhaps they will respond…Ailene

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