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      This is an unusual turtle bell: does anyone recognize it or know about its origin? There is no makers mark anywhere. The turtle base seems to be cast iron (very heavy and dark-colored where the copper has chipped away). It is 4″ long (entire bell is 3.25″ high) and either copper plated or painted. The bottom of the turtle is much brighter – still very shiny – than the top, which looks like an old penny, and there is faint green tarnishing between some toes. There is brassy color towards the top of the clapper, visible in the second photo. The bell itself was apparently plated with nickel or something similar, of which about half remains in place. The overall appearance and structure is similar to the nickle plated turtle bell Leviton made, but the quality and sound of this one seem substantially higher. I apologize for the poor photo lighting. Best wishes.

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