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      I had no reason to purchase this 2 3/4″ animal bell. It was inexpensive and I just liked it.
      It has 3 clappers; one is missing, and will be replaced.
      [img]One thing I do know; people just can’t leave it alone. It is hefty for a small bell. Since it was inexpensive, I like having a piece out people can play with.

      Do any of you other members leave bells out for handling by friends?
      I really enjoy watching people with the bell.

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      Kallie Bell Gal

      Yes, indeed I do! I should say, however, that my collection is primarily mechanical metal bells so there is little danger of damage. If I were collecting Flint bells, I would not be so willing for people to handle them.

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      Especially the metal ones. (fragile ones are more protected)

      They were meant to be rung, and most have a great tone. Why hide half it’s beauty?


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      Thank you folks so much for responding, I thought I was a bit strange leaving some of my collections out for people to handle. It is hard to hurt brass. It also starts to conversations that begin with “Why?”.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear RockinEZ,

      My mother was a bell collector and would only buy metal bells. She had them on shelves that were low enough for children to reach. She realized that being able to handle the bells was a way of stimulating the senses and, hopefully, motivate people to want to know more about bells.

      Many of us collectors of small bells use our hands to help us decide whether or not we want to buy a certain bell. If it feels good in the hand and is in our price range, it probably will be bought!

      The ABA has at least three members who are totally blind. If it were not for being able to handle bells, they would not be able to see them. So, by all means, let your friends and guests enjoy the full experience of “getting to know” your bells!


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      Hello, I have two 16 inch steam locomotive bells. One has been restored and polished to pristine condition and is on display in my lounge room. The cast iron cradle and yoke of the other has been repainted but the bronze bell itself has been left in original tarnished condition. It is in my backyard. Visitors find it difficult not to ring these bells and always enjoy the experience. I allow it OK for the visitors to enjoy, but not too many rings!!! Ringing these bells will not hurt them, but think of the neighbours. Both bells have a beautiful sonorous tone that takes some time to die away.

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