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      i’m just possessed by bell-things at the moment, might want to collect but haven’t really got the space; anyway i guess i have been astounded at some things people leave at the fill (and i guess some people might be shocked at what i throw out as well); i have seen all sorts of good stuff – never seen a bell though – i wonder if the get junked on the odd occasion.
      so i was thinking of leaving my # at metal yards and stuff, to get them to call me if they see a bell?
      or is that taking it too far?
      i know i panic a bit and i’m a new bell-zealot; i just have seen the darnedest stuff just tossed away, i got to worrying about ‘bells’.
      i expect people are more careful these days, but i’m not sure?
      (i’ve seen really good timber and metal thrown away, in a small town where i thought people were more rescourceful with good and old stuff.)
      so – circle like a vulture? or trust in the system?
      … thanks! 🙂

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      Unfortunately, many fine bronze and brass bells have been recycled, some during wartime and many during peacetime. My Grandfather bought several railroad bells and bronze church bells from scrap yards. I suspect that this happened more frequently in the past as most people today with a bell that they wish to part with will try selling it on the internet before consulting a scrap dealer. The last Fulton Bell that my late mother purchased was at an auction sale in PA when a city was parting with 2 large Fulton Bells and she recognized the scrap dealer who bid against her. She simply bid above the scrap value and bought the bell. Her friend bought the second bell. Usually, they will separate the cast iron hardware from the bell, often broken. If you ask a scrap dealer to call you, be sure that they save the cast iron yoke, bracket, and clapper intact and asure them that you are willing to pay scrap value +.
      Harry Long, MD

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