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      Brooks in San Antonio writes:

      I’m interestead in fiding out more about a large cast bell I have in my front yard. I live in Boerne and my home used to be owend by a family member of the folks that owend Alamo Iron Works. They were a foundry back then so maybe they poured it. The bottom is probably 3′ in diameter. Any idea how I can find out more?

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      The Alamo Ironworks website gives a complete history since it’s founding in 1875 (still in operation today) and lists the many items produced but no bells. The foundry might have cast this bell especially for in-plant use (signaling shift changes, meal breaks, emergencies, etc) and never made another bell. A photo would be nice to see. If it was cast by another US foundry the design of the bell and it’s mountings might indicate which one.

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      Ron Weaver

      The Alamo Iron Works has had several locations in San Antonio over the years. One of its factories was closed
      back several years ago and the Alamo Dorm was built in its location. I believe, but am not sure, that the
      Alamo Iron Works did make some bells in its history but I would recommend that you visit their web site
      at http://www.aiwnet.com/aiwnet/about.jsp and contact the current owners and operators. I am sure
      they can help you out.

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