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      Holly Barnes

      I have a brass bell with a horse and rider on it.The rider appears to be wearing a three cornered hat. The name DICK TURPIN is etched beneath the feet of the horse.
      I looked up the name on the internet and it appears he was a bit of a scoundrel who was “heroized”. There was a TV series made about him, which I never heard of. I don’t remember all of the statistics but,does anyone know anything about this guy?
      Thanks in advance!

      Holly Barnes

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      Joan Elliott in England writes:

      I’m currently away from home at the moment and accessing emails from a remote computer. *I’d like to send the following link in answer to the question ‘Who was Dick Turpin?’
      Please could you post this link for me? Thanks


      Dick Turpin

      “The Spurious Highwayman”

      Dick Turpin is probably the most famous highwayman of all. Mention the name to most people, and they will tell you he was a daring and dashing highwayman who famously rode from London to York on his faithful mare, Black Bess, in less than 24 hours. However, the popular Turpin legend contains not a grain of truth. In reality, Turpin’s fictitious great ride was made by 17th-century highwayman John ‘Swift Nick’ Nevison, who early one morning in 1676 robbed a homeward-bound sailor on the road outside Gads Hill, Kent. Deciding he needed to establish an alibi, Nevison set off on a ride that took him more than 190 miles in about 15 hours. In addition, it was only at the very end of his life, while waiting to be hanged at York racecourse, that Turpin exhibited any of the swaggering nonchalance, heroism, or derring-do usually attributed to him. Prior to that, both his existence and his criminal ventures had been squalid, to say the least.

      There is more detailed information on this website.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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