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      Here is an unusual desk bell (at least to me) I picked up. I don’t believe it to be of high value, but suspect it to be from India area from it’s design. The quality is not overly high (low actually) as it appears to be a massed produced ‘functional’ or “decorative” type item. I would think it’s from the 1980’s era but am not sure. Anyone out there with further insights?

      It appears to be all brass or perhaps another non ferric “spelter ” material covered in brass plate/paint as a magnet does not stick to any portion but the pin in the center.

      3″ in diameter, 4″ high, center stand is molded as it shows a definite line all around and the spot where the material was poured in was not filed off.

      I like it for it’s unusual design.


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      This looks like a modern reproduction from an old pattern. I have not seen any of these before. The older tap bells had a brass gong and a cast iron base and frame.
      Harry Long, MD

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