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      James Klein

      In 1845 the Lutheran Church in Glueckstal, (Odessa region of South Russia) paid 235 silver rubles for a 540-pound bronze bell. (Reference: “Homesteaders on the Steppe,” 2nd printing, GRHS 1987, by Joseph S. Height, pg. 191).

      My questions are:

      1) About what note/frequency would a bell of this weight be?
      2) Approximately, what would the current cost be in the U.S. for making a 540-pound bronze bell with clapper? (Mounting not included.)

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear James,

      We have received your inquiry about the pitch of 540 pound bell and what is the current cost in the U.S. for making a similar bronze bell and clapper. The American Bell Association is an all-volunteer hobby organization. We do not make bells or have records of the manufacturers and pitches of bells made by foundries. You have done the right thing by posting your questions on the ‘Bell Talk’ forum. Perhaps there are forum members who could answer your questions. If so, I trust they will respond.

      Please understand that we are currently in the process of transferring our ‘Bell Talk’ Forum from a linked-to remote site to our own website. It may take awhile for people to respond while they figure out what changes have been made and how the formatting is different from the forum software that we have been using for the past ten years. We ask for your patience in waiting for a response.

      In regards to your question about the current cost for making a 540 pound bronze bell, we can’t tell you but we do have a few members of the ABA that do manufacture or cast bells. Perhaps they will read your posting and respond to it. Two of those companies are The Verdin Company (http://www.verdin.com) and Blagovest Bells (blagovestbells.com). They may be able to help you with an approximate cost. Please understand that the American Bell Association does not officially endorse these companies. But, because they are ABA members, they support our organization through advertising in our bi-monthly magazine that comes with a membership, share educational information with our other members, and maintain open communications with us.


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      Neil Goeppinger

      Regarding the note your 540 lb bell would produce is hard to determine. Someone with a musical ear would need to listen to it as the weight, the thickness of the wall, the diameter and the shape would all vary the note. I looked at 7 old catalogues for bells close to the weight of your bell and came up with the following. Foundry 1) 500 pounds C# & 600 pounds C. Foundry 2) 550 pounds C. Foundry 3) 550 pounds C. Foundry 4) 500 pounds c & 600 pounds C. Foundry 5). 527 pounds B. Foundry 6) 500 pounds Bb to D & 600 pounds Bb to C#. Foundry 7) 500 pounds C & 595 pounds B. As you can see, the note varies from foundry to foundry with similar weights.

      The current price of casting a bell would depend on the price of bronze the day the bell was purchased, plus the labor. It varies. — Neil

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