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      I have a large bell ,its marked on the yoke CS Bell CO and then # 3 in the center and then Hillsboro on the right of the yoke. Its been painted but I think its steel or iron but not sure
      It is 17″ across at the mouth. is this a farm bell? school? surely its too big for a railroad bell although it belonged to my uncle who worked, like all of the men in the family ,for the railroad going back to the late 1800’s. IM just hoping someone can help me out with any info possible. thank you JC ……… please reply to My e-mail at

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      This is a steel alloy bell. It’s size would make it too large for a farm bell and generally too small for a church bell. It is most likely a school bell, although some small churches would have used a 17 ” bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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