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      I have a #3 16″ CS Bell from The CS Bell Co 1886. That puts in a date range of about 75 years. Cradle and yoke in decent shape, just missing the crank. Prindle Station’s website says temporarly closed. Any idea how long it has be temporarly closed? Did they go belly-up? The other question that I have is- on the head of the bell there are two letters ‘PP’. I have only seen one other post on this forum regarding this type of mark and it was an XX but the post went unanswered. Any information on what the ‘PP’ might indicate would be appreciated.


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      I talked to Mrs. Wilson on the phone last week. She is going to reopen the web-site, but she said it would probably be several months before that happened. She lost Pete to cancer late last year, he took care of the orders from the web-site so she said she is having to learn about that side of the business before she can re-open.


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Pete Wilson. He and Sandy have been a great resource for the A.B.A. over the years. In case you aren’t aware of it, Prindle Station Bells bought the molds from the C.S. Bell Company and have continued to make new bells from the molds. Their website has a lot of information about the company. It’s been a valuable resource for us. We look forward to it’s return when Sandy is ready.

      I send my sympathy to Sandy and members of the Wilson Family and their friends. May Pete rest in peace and may happy memories of good times together bring Sandy and the Wilson family comfort during the difficult times.


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