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      Hi Friends, This is my first visit to this site as we are the proud new owners of a C.S. Bell that has a #8 stamped on the Yoke. I’m trying to find out as much information on the bell as possible. Can some one tell me what the #8 represents? I looked up information on the C.S. Bell foundry, and apparently that was their name from approx. 1875-1885 or so when they first started making bells. Any identifying marks that might narrow down the exact year? Thank you for the help.

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      Are you sure its not a no 3? Sometimes rust or a dent can disfigure a no or letter. If its around 18 inches wide, and has a yoke and cradle its a farm bell. I have never heard of a CS Bell that number. They cast no 62 no 1, 2 3 and 4 in farm bells, then numbers ( school or fire bells 20-22-24-26-28) (church bells-30-32-34-36-38=40-42-44-46–48 sizes).

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      … and a No. 54

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      I just purchased a 30″ wide CS BELL bell with fancy fillagree scrolls on the yoke and cast in the middle where a “30” should be is a circle with the number “7” inside. Other features make me think it is a VERY old CS BELL.
      In researching this, I found reference to a 24″ CS BELL with a circle and number “5” on the yoke rather than the expected “24”!

      The OP (original poster) did not mention the actual dimension of the bowl mouth… ? If the OP measures a dimension of 32″, a number 8 in a circle might make sense! Otherwise at 18″, Nighflier explained it.

      I would be interested in finding the timeline of CS BELL casting changes in size designation.
      Any help out there?

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      I cannot edit, but must correct the above.
      The CS BELL bell measures an actual 31 1/4 inches in diameter and designated by a number “7” in a circle, and I can presume in the mold started out at 32″ before cooling shrinkage.
      So if there were an “8” in a circle might it measure 36″?
      More on this particular bell in another thread.

      The OP has a 3 or an 8 and measurements would help clarify.

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