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      I have just put up an old CS bell #4. It sits on the little A frame structure. Instead of the bell sitting level, it sits at an angle. Upon further inspection it seems that the top is loose. There is a square nut on top and I am wondering about tightening that. I am worried that it may break or not tighten down (with its age I imagine the threads may not be there anymore??). Can that part be replaced? Or is it supposed to be loose? Help please! I don’t even know how to describe the problem, but I am a bit worried about it. Any help greatly appreciated.


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      Hi I have had them that way. Sometimes over the years as the bell swings the nut gets loose and the bell will wabble or jerk when swung. If it stays that way, the nut will rust with the threads and its hard to loosen it. Never use a torch on a rusted nut frozen by rust. The heat can make its way to the bell and might crack it or break the yoke. I would use a hack saw and saw the eye bolt into.and replace it with another one of the same size. This would tighten the bell into its original position.

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