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      Can anyone identify this bell? It was found when I was a child on my parents farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is in excellent shape. It has the markings I and S, but the S is backwards or inverted. It also has a 4 on the top.

      Thank you.

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      Hello Algomedic!
      and Welcome!

      You have a nice Crotal bell, this site has some details on them in general:
      and here where they show makers marks for North America:
      (why should I spoil it for you? Have fun exploring and finding it, it’s there!)

      This site shows you a history of this type of bell, their styles, and how they are made:
      As well as many of the common marks across the pond.

      The number 4 refers to it’s size usually. If you do a search on this web site for Crotal Bell you will see a plethora (big word!) of postings on them! They are a style most of us have samples of. a “Crotal Bell Factoid Sheet” is also something I posted here a while back from my researches (yep you can search for it too!) including how to read the numbers. It’s about 4 pages back in the crotal search now, I believe. Boy how time flies!

      (The search box is in the big dark blue bar at the top on the Far Right, in case you didn’t notice it!)

      Half the fun is poking around and seeing what other tidbits fall out. You might be surprised what you discover!

      Who knows? Maybe you will get hooked and become a regular here too!


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