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      I am working presently on a home page for my bell collection. In the following I indicate the corresponding link where ABA friends can find me. Maybe somebody can check from the USA if my link works. In that case I would appreciate a brief response.

      Taking the occasion I would like to ask if other ABA members have installed their collection of bells or bell related item in the Internet for others to see. In case there is someone with such a page I would appreciate to receive the links.

      And now here is the link to my page:


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      Dear Glockensammler,

      I was not able to find the page that you posted. I tried it by putting a www. after the http:// and a page did come up. It has a picture of a gorgeous waterfall on it. Was that your page? I expected to see bells.

      We have an ABA member in England, Peter Hyde, who has a wonderful blog online. You can see it at Peter may be willing to give you some suggestions as you create your blog.

      Good luck and keep us informed as you build your page!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Hi again,

      thanks for your reply and the interesting link to the ABA member in England.

      The page with the waterfall is correct one but unfortunately I have some problems with it and I cancelled it for the time beeing. I keep working on a new page and keep you informed about the development.

      Thanks once again.
      Greetings from Germany
      Manfred Bicker

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      Greetings to all ABA bell friends world-wide from Germany,

      I made some progress with my project “building a home page”. You can see the result under the following link:

      At the bottom of my starter page you will find the gallery where most of the photos of my collection can be viewed.
      More photos will follow soon until you can see the complete collection.

      Hope you enjoy it and that it motivates other bell collectors to publish their collection the same way giving us all a
      chance to view many interesting bells and collections.

      Greetings again

      Manfred Bicker / Glockensammler

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      Ron Weaver

      Dear Manfred,

      Took a look at your new bell site and it is terrific.

      Keep up the good work.

      Ron Weaver
      ABA Membership Chairman

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      The site looks good, but you may want to check your spelling. Association is not spelled Accotiation.

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      Your bells on your website are breathtaking! I can’t wait to see more of them.

      Thank you for posting a link to the ABA website!

      Keep up the good work! We would love more European members!


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      For those of you who have not looked at this site recently, Manfred has updated it and added even more bells.

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