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      Today is March 8. In Russia and for Russians it’s the 2nd most popular holiday after the New Year. It’s called International Women’s Day but is celebrated in some countries only, not globally. In a very few countries, Russia among them, it’s an official day off.

      This is a day when women of all ages feel they are princesses and queens and men try to be real gentlemen. They give presents and of course flowers. There is a sea, an ocean of flowers everywhere in Russia on that day: on the streets, in the Metro, in stores, offices and so on.

      On Russian language bell sites on March 8 there has been a tradition to show lady-bells and all kinds of bells with flowers. I somehow got a bit tired of it and wanted something new and more original.

      That’s what I came up with.

      One of the most appreciated gifts for women is cosmetics and perfume. So I asked Tatyana Slobodchikova, the master, to make 3 bells. One is a bottle of perfume.

      The other one is a lipstick.

      And finally a bottle of nail polish.

      Tatyana did her job so well that my husband thought that the bells were actual cosmetics!
      Also if you look carefully you’ll notice two personal signs on each of them: both the master’s and mine.
      All the bells are faience, gold, luster; clay modeling, overglaze painting, underglaze coloring.

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