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      I stumbled across a reply to a question about a Paolo Soleri Wind bell on a different website (they sell bells). The person had mis-identified the bell and got a reply about it. Some interesting Information and check out the author!

      I just though you should know that this item is a Bronze Paolo Soleri Windbell Model #135, made by Cosanti Originals, Inc. It sells for $32 on our website http://www.(you know who).com. Your bell is complete as it was made by us. (In other words, the chain at the top was never a replacement that the grandfather made, because chain at the top is how it was configured by us as part of its design; and, the copper flag thing was not added by the grandfather but is the original triangular windcatcher that was sold with the bell.) I liked the interesting story you were told, even though it is not true. Your bell is not a rare Russian bell or that old, but it is however collectible in its own right as our bells are sought out all over the world. Like all Soleri bells, every single bell made here is one-of-a-kind: Paolo Soleri designed the overall size and shape of the bell, and one of his artisans put an original design on the surface of the bell in the sand mold he made that day.
      Daniel at Cosanti.


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