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      Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum as I recently found this at a sale and couldn’t resist buying it, It’s about 4 inches wide and has the names of the four gospel writer written around it as well as some pictures. I’ve done a bit of research and found one in the Hunt Museum in Limerick, Ireland which is almost the same apart from the museum one has sections which have been pierced, whilst mine is solid. The museum one is also C19th in a medieval style.
      Can anyone shed any more light on my bell, is it old, how would I tell anyway? Its currently sat on my desk and I’m wondering what I should do with it!

      Many thanks in advance.

      Richard Brown
      Wiltshire, UK

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      This is known as an Evangelist bell.

      Enter evangelist bell in the search box at upper right,
      and you will find a variety of postings on this subject.

      There is also an article that may be found here:

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      Many thanks for the information and the links. Interestingly I was speaking to my mother yesterday and she told me my gradnfather (who was a vicar) had a bell like this, only made of brass and with the spaces between the figures etc cut away. It started me thinking about the one in my possession being solid and made of bronze, in addition to being pretty roughly cast. Is there any way of determining the origin and age of these bells?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Here is an outside and an inside picture of one of my pierced Evangelist bells. The black spots on the outside are cut out and, of course, there isn’t enough light inside to show that they are cut out. The inside picture was taken in such a way that you can see the white spots, which are the cut outs. This bell happens to be very large but they come in a variety of sizes.

      Outside of bell

      Inside of bell

      This particular bell was part of my mother’s collection. The notes she made on it are:

      Evangelist Bell (circa 1830), bought in London in Aug. 1971. $21.00. 5.75″ high. Open work. Figures – animals – are symbols for Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John. See p. 102 of Collector’s Book of Bells.

      According to the Collector’s Book of Bells, L. Elsinore Springer, author, says, “Without a doubt there have been more replicas made of the Evangelist bell than of any other great bell, and apparently they have been produced in several European countries. They can be found in assorted sizes and with assorted handles.”

      These bells are still being made and can be found in gift shops (new bells) today.

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