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      Peter Hyde

      I have a collection of books written by George Houghton about golf addiction. A book entitled ‘Confessions of a Golf Addict’ begins……..

      My addiction is incurable.
      Twenty years have now passed since I realised there was no hope.
      It was 8.30 on a Saturday morning in February. I was standing by the telephone, a curse on my lips. Eleven times I had crashed down the phone after friends had refused. ‘You must be mad’ They all said that.

      So begins the tale of someone hopelessly addicted to their passion.

      I have a horrible feeling that I have become a bell addict.

      Yesterday I installed my largest bell yet. Outside my front door. The postman now has at least ten options to attract my attention. Another old handbell arrived engraved F Barrett. I have no idea who he is or was. Just cannot resist giving a good home to a named bell.
      Then a phone call to my local council to find out if they have given permission for the demolition of an old school in Lymington. Yes, it has an old bell that I can give a good home to.
      When will it ever stop? Do I want it to?

      As a member of the ABA I know I am not alone. I know that many of you have a tale to tell about this addiction we share.
      But it’s harmless fun. Isn’t it?

      But it’s not all bells. I’m also addicted to sport. Right now I’m suffering watching England playing Australia at cricket. Now I know many of my American friends don’t understand the game. Take it from me. When a real cricket battle is on life gets very serious over here.

      So I confess. I’m a bell addict, a golf addict, an opera addict, a cricket addict….

      Perhaps like anyone who understands things that really matter… I’m just a life addict!

      Oh dear! England are all out. I’m off for a cup of tea.

      Regards from the UK and happy Christmas to you all.

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