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      Here is what I believe to be a stylized Japanese / Chinese brass bell.

      Vital Stats:
      2 3/4″ high
      1 1/2″ diameter
      Brass with iron clapper
      stamped back but very worn down characters in it. Looks like a Capital H with the top and bottom of left side vertical missing 1/2 their length.
      Then a J with a larger hook that goes about 1/2 way up the character.
      Followed by a similar character but in mirror image so that the hook is on the right.
      Then a capital letter A missing the horizontal bar.
      * I think * (remember it is quite worn) it could just say CHINA but so worn all I see is the divots or negative space.

      Interesting bell, any idea of what it represents? (i.e. what character?)


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      Holly Barnes

      I have the same bell, and yes it says “china” on the back. It is kind of an odd item. It reminds me of the brass figures of the queens. I got mine at an antique market in Elko Minnesota that they have every 4th of july, labor day and memorial day. I think it is kind of freakish but interesting at the same time. I would like to know a little more about it though. I will be watching to see if anyone else can give us any useful information.

      Thanks for bringing it up!


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      While researching another bell for Holly, I came across this bell!

      Page 109, of Donna S Baker’s “Collectible Bells” 1998. She depicts 4 variations of this bell style, of which this is the ‘simplified Chinese version”. Apparently they are to represent one of; Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, or Mary Queen of Scots. Apparently there is no definitive agreement of which it is.

      The others are more ‘realistic’ with some sort of square headdress and a fluffy collar and the sleeves with 3 bulgy mounds on each side.

      She doesn’t value them very high at only a ten-spot or two.

      Now we Know!


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