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      Hello everyone. I’m brand new to bells in general and this forum in particular and like so many others I’m hoping to get a feel for the current market value (CMV) of my bell.

      I purchased this bell with hopes of leaving it in my house for everyone and anyone to ring. It’s especially fun to let my little ones ring until THEY can’t take it any more – and that really does happen (yes, even with my three-year-old)! Of course, I have to admit that the sound of these bells ringing is gorgeous and long – plus, each time I hear them ring I can’t help but think (perhaps irreverently) of the Monks in Monty Python and The Holy Grail (not sure why, since they used books on the head). Anyway, the bell is certainly not without personal appreciation. Unfortunately, not everyone in my house appreciates the sound or the humor. The bell has been banished to the basement for a few weeks now and to avoid a lifetime in the doghouse, I am reluctantly considering the sale of this fine piece.

      Thanks to the many postings on this forum, I’ve been able to determine that I have a 3-tier bronze sanctus bell from a Catholic church (I know which one it came from) and that these were used on the altar during mass. This bell was made by Van Duzen and Tift sometime between 1865 and 1894. Elsewhere on the Internet, I found that from 1866-1891 the proprieters of the Buckeye Bell Foundry / Vanduzen & Tift (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) were E.W. Vanduzen & C.T. Tift (hence the name). According to one posting here in the forum, these bells are quite common and are known to have been made with 1, 2, or 3 tiered configurations.

      The three bells in my piece are about 7, 9, and 11 inches in diameter (top to bottom, respectively) and the overall piece is about 25-26 inches tall. The bronze parts all have a patina to them, but not as heavy as what I’d expect for something 120-150 years old. Maybe it was wiped often in the church? The underside of each bell includes “VANDUZEN & TIFT CINCINNATTI” in relief. These are the only markings that I can locate.

      I would appreciate any and all feedback on the value of this bell. Back in ’09 the forum, one member’s feedback estimated a single-tier sanctus bell value at between $150-200. Obviously everything and anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so I’m hoping to get some feedback on what I might be able to get for this were I to sell it in today’s market.

      Please consider the following when sharing any feedback (see pics below for each deficiency):

      • All 3 original oak feet are missing from the base (I’m assuming they were oak based on pics of another sanctus bell here on the forum);[/*:1lfjhq1m]
      • The cross (finial? I’m a lamp guy at heart!) appears to have been broken and reattached at some point. (Silver solder? Come on!);[/*:1lfjhq1m]
      • I do not have the original mallet / striker (we’ve been using a handheld oak striker from somewhere else). No pic for this missing item.[/*:1lfjhq1m]

      Many thanks in advance!

      P.S. – Here are some pics of the bottom, below the largest bell.

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      You have a good description and good photos. Put it on eBay for the highest exposure, starting at one dollar. In a week you will know what it’s worth in the current economy.

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      I have 2 of these that I purchased from a church 15 years ago for $100 each. You might be able to get up to $200, but I would guess that with the legs missing, the price will be lower.
      Harry Long, MD

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      huge bell

      Hi, I collect these Sanctus bells.would you sell it. post your number and I will call you

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      I would advise against your posting your telephone number on the Internet. Huge bell can contact you by sending you a private message via this forum or vice versa.

      To send a private message, simply click on the icon on the right that says “PM” on it. A message box automatically comes up that is addressed to to person who composed the message to which you are replying. You will see his posted message is already in the box. I suggest you do not delete his message. Rather, put your cursor at the very beginning of his message, do a couple of carriage returns, go back to the first position and begin writing your message.

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      Despite the fact that your username indicates that you have a bell to sell, you have simply posted a message asking for an opinion of value for your bell. Please keep in mind that any opinions that your receive are just that — opinions. They are not appraisals from the American Bell Association International, Inc. The ABA does not appraise bells and we do not maintain a list of certified appraisers.

      If you decide you want to sell your bell, you may list it on our “Bells for Sale” forum without charge and without having to pay a commission to ABA. But, before you do that, please read “Rules for Sellers” at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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