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      Here’s a pretty little bell I just acquired, that I’d like to share with you.

      It’s a Hand Bell Cloisonne in Relief Turquoise, reportedly vintage Chinese in manufacture.
      Until now I hadn’t heard of the process but it is very intriguing. It’s basically the application of enamel and glass in relief to a surface.

      What’s nice about this piece is that the design is quite pleasant with a very decorative handle and, if you look closely, you can see that the designs are layered – it’s not just a smooth surface but there are actual valley’s in it’s structure! The Clapper inside is also original Cloisonne as well.

      It doesn’t have any markings, but I would be interested if anyone could come closer on dating it or it’s place of manufacture. Frankly I am a bit surprised that I can’t find an artisian mark anywhere on it.

      Doesn’t hold a magnet, so it’s brass, glass, and enamel.
      2 1/2″ in Diameter by 4″ high.

      Any other insights out there?

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      I wanted to add one more photo that brings out the colors!

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      Holly Barnes

      I really enjoy the cloisonne’ bells too. I have a few in my collection. There is a paragraph or so of information about the process in Donna Baker’s book “More Collectable Bells” on page 55. If you don’t own it you could checkyour local library. 😀

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      I have the same bell, I believe it is fairly new and manufactured in China. It is very beautiful but not very valuable.

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