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      Joanne asks:

      Our parish has a No. 22 C.S. Bell that is in need of cleaning. It is made of steel allo. Can you recommend a cleaning method and what sort of paint should we use to refinish the bell? Thanks for your help.

      Response #1

      Joanne, You said there are things stamped in your bell. The C. S. Bell Co cast lettering on their bells, but to my knowledge, they did not stamp information into their bells. Thus, I believe that if you have information stamped into your bell, that was done later by someone else and it was not done at the foundry. You can pressure wash your bell and then paint it as you suggested, but if you do not disassemble it, it may rust where the bell and the yoke on top and the clevis inside meet. My recommendation is to disassemble the bell, sand blast it, then give it a high quality oil primer followed by a high quality enamel. Some people even have the bell and parts powder coated. I don’t think that is necessary, but if money is not in question and you want the coating to last as long as possible, that is likely the best top coat.


      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. The responses are are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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