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      ovidiu oana

      As I promished, this post is dedicated to the first bells of human history clay bells

      I appreciate its was invented by early man maybe overturning a primitive clay bowl/dish.
      Hit with a stone or a stick it produced a non natural clear sound.
      Gradually modifing the shape of this dish, they obtain a bell, a hunging instrument wich sound depends on his size and design.

      Burned clay bells was found in central and east Europe, in Thracians area and was dated 3 to 5 thousands years B.C.

      Active stone bells are unusual but still exist.
      You can see a replica of a stone bell found in Cehia in my collection: but also a stone goat bell.

      Borobudur is famous for it’s three levels stone bells (see picture)

      In Romania -Timisoara- comemorating the Heroes of 1989 Revolution it was create a Bell Monument in Traian Square, in front of 3 churches existing in this place (orthodoxe, catholic and lutheran)
      (see picture below)

      Last post, Harry Long, MD said:
      In addition to wooden bells, early man also used tuned stones or lithophones. The Chinese developed tuned Bianquing (limestone lithophones) about 2000BC. The Vietnamese version was Da Dan and were in use as early as 1000 BC. Similar stone musical instruments were used in Great Britain and Central Europe over 2000 years ago.

      You can see various clay and stone bells in my album:

      Small painted primitive bells are well known in all areas and later, ceramics bells became art all world arround.

      Thank you and I wait for informations about other stone bells or very old clay bells as artefracts.
      My next post will be about the first metal bells casted in third and second millenium BC.

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