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      I have a 1886 Yoke school bell which has a clapper that has a big hole (1/3) the ball. How or should i repair this to make it functional again?
      If i repair it will it hurt the value of the bell? The bell is 12 inches high and about 16.5 inches in diameter. Any help on this matter would be great.


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      The clapper is cast steel or iron. If you can get another clapper of the right size, that would be most desirable. If you cannot, then repairing the clapper by filling the hole with bronze welding braze should suffice. It is softer than the steel and should not hurt the bell. Is the defect a bubble in the casting or did the clapper shatter? If it shattered, it implies that the crystalline structure of the clapper has become brittle, and attempts to repair it may be futile.
      Harry Long, MD

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      A good welding shop should be able to weld it up and then you or the shop can drill the hole back into it. If it is done right you won’t even notice it.

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