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      We had a fire in our 1860’s church when the steeple was struck by lightning. Luckily only the steeple was destroyed and the damage was limited mostly to the belfry and above. The 2 cast iron bells got very hot from the fire in the belfry. We removed them and are in the process of removing the debris and tuckpointing the brick structure.

      My question is can the bells be restored and reused? The bells were both made in St. Louis in 1863 and 1863 by J. G. Stuckstede & Bro. and are 3′ and 2.5′ in diamater. I can provide photos of the bells if needed.


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      Your church bells were cast in bronze, not iron (though the associated fittings are mostly cast iron). If the bells were not cracked or otherwise damaged by the fire, they can be re-used. Photos are essential to evaluate the damage to the fittings.

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