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      I have a bell here that looks similar to the bell on the home page. All I know about the bell is that it is a chinese enamel bell. Any infomation about it I would like to know. Thanks.

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      Interesting bell, I can see why it’s difficult to field this question!

      Yes, it is of Chinese origin, it’s an early cloisonne style. The flower form of the bell, the icons on the handle and skirt, the cage at the top all have meanings within that culture. What I find particularly fascinating is that the top half of the bell handle is very very similar to the Tibetian bell with Sherchin, representing the wise woman. The bell half seems to be (and I couldn’t expand your photos) fish, which are considered good luck especially at the table I understand as well as Unity/Fidality. They seem to be surrounded by leaves from (I think) the lotus tree while the base could be a stylized lotus blossom representing clarity, purity.

      So if I am interpreting the symbols correctly (and you might take it to a Chinese district and have them tell you about it!) then I think you have a ladies bell for a Chinese person.

      Can’t find much about it in my books, but as I suggest, take to one of the Chinese elders and they can probably tell you a lot more!

      Hopefully you will share your findings here too, if you do!

      Good luck!

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