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      I’m not a collector. I am trying to help my disabled sister thin out her collection. She is in a nursing home and doesn’t have room. She has a number of ceramic bells from many states in America. Can someone tell me if there are collectors of these sorts of bells? California, Cape Cod, Florida, Las Vegas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine, Amish Country, Old Orchard Beach. I don’t know what to do? New Jersey and more….. Help. Thank you. Chi716

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      The kind of bells you are describing are what we call “souvenir bells”. Yes, there are people who collect this kind of bells. Their value is mostly sentimental for the person who bought them when visiting different places and wanted a little bell to remind them of the memories from their travels.

      Although there are souvenir bells that are made of metal or crystal that may have some significant value (such as a souvenir bell of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, a Columbian Exposition bell, or a “Remember the Maine” souvenir bell), for the most part, the ceramic ones were inexpensive to buy and have little resale value.

      So, what to do to dispose of them? I recommend that people donate this kind of bell to Goodwill, Salvation Army Thrift Stores, or the like. Charitable organizations will usually give you a receipt for the donation if you want one for tax purposes. They will sell them for a few dollars each. Their material value is little and usually not worth the time, effort, and expense you would put into trying to sell them or find a dealer to buy them, or find someone to whom to give them.

      By the way, you have posted your question in a forum (“How to Use the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum”) that is designated for information for inexperienced forum users to learn how to post their questions. Regular users usually don’t look in that forum for questions such as yours. You are much more likely to get responses had you posted on the forum entitled “Ceramic Bells”. You may want to contact the forum administrator at coordinator@americanbell.org and ask him to move your posting to the Ceramic Bells forum. He’s a very nice guy and would be happy to do that for you. Doing so will greatly improve your chances of receiving suggestions from more people.

      You are a kind soul to help your sister dispose of her collection of souvenir bells! I’m sure she appreciates your help. I wish you good luck in finding new homes for her bells!


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      Your post is now here in the “Ceramic Bells” forum.

      Can anyone else advise please.


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