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      I bought this one because it’s a bit different from the other evangelical bells I have seen.
      It’s 2 1/2 inches in diameter, 3 inches high (including handle), Non Magnetic including the ball clapper, with a rusty black colored interior.

      The Keyhole handle first caught my eye. I also noticed that, rather than 4 figures that most of these bells sport, this one shows 8 arranged around the base, depicted in cathedral style window openings separated by barber pole twisted pillars having a crown on the top.

      It has writing stamped into it on three levels.
      Top row:
      Starting at the handle (and NOT knowing which word to start with) they read:
      CELICA . (possibly an I next though could be something else worn down) CVILAEIA

      Middle row:
      ICVHA EV NCGI. ICA. (might be IGA. at the end).

      Bottom row:

      The top and middle rows are separated by a swirling motif.

      Anyone else seen one like this?


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      I’ve not seen a bell exactly like this one. Mpost similar bells are made in Belgium and are sold as souvenirs. This bell is relatively modern and probably was made since 1950.

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