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      I am new to “Bell Talk”…I have an 18″ Diameter about 12” tall Cast Iron Bell..from my family’s homestead in Hood River Oregon. I don’t know much about it…but it needs a crade to hold it. It has the yoke . Can anyone give me an idea how to obtain..or have made the cradles? Or the wheel to turn it? I don’t know where to start. Thank you, Judi

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      Does it have a number in the center of the yoke? Also does the yoke have the name of the manufacturer on it? Prindle Station has hardware for the CS Bell style bells and may be able to help you.
      Harry Long, MD

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      If your bell was made by the C.S. Bell Co. we have an upright for a #3 bell. Our patterns are original to the C.S. Bell Co and we have had success in matching C.S. Bell Co parts, of any age. However, if bells were made my another manufacturer, we have had difficulty matching uprights to the yoke. The critical dimension is where the yoke and upright meet to rest and support the bell hanging from the yoke. We do have dimensions for our uprights on our site for you to examine.
      Sandra Wilson
      Prindle Station Bells

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