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      Please help me value this cast iron bell. the #2 is clearly marked in the upper center of top piece but I can only make out the following letters on the bottom piece..
      CS or CRYS.

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      It most likely is a C. S. Bell “crystal metal” upright. Does it look like my 1st generation (1875-1882) #3 post mount upright? Does the yoke provide any information? Check Ebay for C. S. Bell items for sale… most have fairly detailed pictures. Also review this page: http://www.towerbells.org/HillsboroFoundry.html or http://www.prindlestation.com/index.html.

      See the following text from http://www.towerbells.org/BellFoundries.html

      Southwestern Ohio
      Several bellfoundries in Cincinnati, including two of the largest and longest-lived in the USA, made either bronze or iron bells. One of those, the Buckeye Bell Foundry (operated by Vanduzen), was among the four minor American makers of chimes; the data side of this Website has a list of Vanduzen chimes, including a brief sketch of the history of this foundry.

      The largest of many American producers of iron or steel bells was probably the C.S.Bell Company, located in the town of Hillsboro, east of Cincinnati. Using a special cast steel alloy called “crystal metal,” this firm produced bells of all sizes from 12″ diameter postmount farm or dinner bells to 48″ diameter church bells. These bells, unlike those made of bronze, do not carry any inscription (except possibly a size number on the top). Instead, the identification of the maker is found on the yoke from which the bell hangs.

      Hope this helps,

      Good Luck in your search.

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