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      Jim G. in Georgia wants to share this newsletter:

      February 2010

      Dear Friends,

      Best wishes for 2010! Here is just a little news that I thought you might enjoy!


      When I began Cast in Bronze I had no idea whether anyone would book the act or whether people would support it. Many warned me that creating a musical act with a four-ton unknown musical instrument at its core was pure lunacy. With the curiosity of youth and blind faith I created it anyway, and found much to my surprise and delight that people were enthusiastic and supportive of the carillon.

      Now, after eighteen years and nearly 10,000 performances later, millions have discovered the carillon through the music of Cast in Bronze. For that I am extremely grateful.

      Yet each and every year, Cast in Bronze turns down opportunities to share the carillon with new listeners and new venues. As a result, I am very pleased to announce that Cast in Bronze has just ordered bells to build another traveling carillon!

      The bells will be cast in The Netherlands, and are due to arrive in the United States in the spring of this year. Hopefully they will be on the road performing by the summer.
      Check out the schedule as events are added to the website: http://www.castinbronze..com.

      [Next section deleted by Admin because it is advertising a product.]


      It is a new year, a time when we can all plan to do something special. I am not one that likes resolutions, because none of us are perfect, or should we be. However, this year I want to create a new carillon. By doing so, hopefully I will find enough work to support another carillonneur, and maybe their work will bring some happiness to people that have never heard the carillon before. It is not much of a goal, but if I can put one person to work doing something that provides happiness to others, maybe that message will spread. Maybe each of us can help one person in some small way.

      Best wishes for 2010. I enjoy hearing from you and as always, if there are friends of yours that might benefit from becoming part of the Cast in Bronze family, let them know to sign up on the mailing list on the website: http://www.castinbronze.com.

      Lastly, just because I wear a mask doesn’t mean I am not human. I enjoy hearing from all of you.. Keep the letters coming. I will try to answer all of them if I can. Belated best wishes for the new year.


      Frank DellaPenna
      “The Spirit of the Bells”

      This is a link to a 21 minute video about the carillon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0PGGQbtyXg&feature=related. There are other, much shorter videos by this same fellow on YouTube.com.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Our friend and former The Bell Tower editor, Joan Forman, has sent this notice:

      Sarasota Square Mall, Beneva Road and U.S. 41, Sarasota (847-334-2333 or carillon.org, castinbronze.com).
      For the first time in over 30 years a traveling carillon, a massive 48-bell, 5 1/2-ton instrument so rare that there are only four in the state of Florida, will be coming to Sarasota. 7 p.m. March 23. Call for cost.

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