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      Kallie Bell Gal

      I read Frank’s post with interest. I, too, have been a bit disappointed with this site. I enjoy reading about other people’s bells, and I particularly like to SEE other people’s bells. I joined the Bell Association years ago to learn more about bells–some I had seen, some I owned, and some I wanted to own. Through the BELL TOWER, I have been able to research some bells, but sometimes I need more information. This is a long winded prelude to the reason for this post. I have had a bell for about ten years, and I have little information about it. I would like to know about how old it is, what country is it from, and does it have a purpose other than just sitting around. With the stand it is 16″ tall; the bell itself is 10″ tall, and it is 4 1/2″ in diameter. Now, the tricky part. I’ll try to upload the pictures.

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      I’ve never seen a bell like this one nor have I seen pictures of it in the three main bell books (Springer and Baker’s). Is it polished or is it enameled?

      I agree that it would be better if the pictures could be enlarged. I had just the opposite problem when I posted a notice of the New England Chapter’s upcoming meeting. The logo is huge and I don’t know how to make it smaller!

      The clapper sure looks old. But we know that sometimes new bells have a forced patina on them to make them look older than they really are. I would guess the stand may not have been original to the bell.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of help. Hopefully someone out there can shed some light on this.

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