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      We received this bell (I believe it’s brass) along with our cottage which belonged to a family who traveled a lot in the late 19th century to mid 20th century, among plenty of artifacts from all over the place, there was this little bell, just taller than an average pop can with little people on the sides, they seem to be trading products of some sort for human heads. there is a letter ‘F’ stamped in the top in an old letterpress font (like courier font-esc) I’m not sure where it came from, my best guess is Mexico but id love some more context!!!

      Here’s a link to the photos on Imgur they were too large to upload here: https://imgur.com/a/GX4pyL9

      Any info is appriciated!!!

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      Quite an interesting subject for a bell. The figures look more central Asian to me.

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      This appears very similar to a bell that I have. The bell features a bloodthirsty Biblical scene: “The Slaughter Of The Priests At Nob”. 1 Samuel 22:17. Soldiers carrying severed heads of priests & etc.
      It looks like Mesopotamia, Babylonian or similar.
      Mine was made by Peerage in England. This was cast into the clapper. If made by Peerage, the age is uncertain, but ~1946 onwards.
      There appear to have been several remakes of this bell. I presume with reduced detail at each mould remake.
      I picked mine up in Coniston in the English Lake District.

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