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      I bought it thinking it was an old boxing ring bell, but now I’m not sure, as it will only work when it is upright, where a boxing bell usually sits flat on a table. Seems this would be mounted on a wall. It has “A. C. Co” stamped on each end where it apparently screws to the wall/door/?. Nothing else is stamped on it. It is brass I think, there is some green patina. It measures 11″ long and the bell is about 5.25″ x 1.25″.

      The first photo, is turned sideways, my hand is a the top, holding it to the wall.

      Does anyone know what type of bell this is? Who is A.C. Co.? Value? Should I clean it or not? Thanks.


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      Carolyn Whitlock


      This is a cable car bell. I believe they are attached to the ceiling of the cable car where the driver or conductor can pull a string to make it ring. You can find out more about cable car bells by doing an Internet search.

      Also, the American Bell Association has an article about the Cable Car Bells of San Francisco in their collection of articles from our magazine, The Bell Tower. If you are an ABA member, our ABA Librarian can send you a copy of the article electronically at no charge. Her contact information can be found at the top of page 1 of the Bell Tower Articles by Category index at https://americanbell.org/bt-index-category/. You will find the information you will need to give her when ordering this article on page 19 of 78.

      If you are not an ABA member, there may be a nominal fee for the article.


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      Thank you Carolyn!

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