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      Painting is on both sides of the bell. The height is 3,9 inches, the diameter is 2,4 inches. Very thin china. Does anyone know what the stamp inside means? And also what is FINN BELL?

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      This Irish Parian type bell was produced by Donegal China which is now part of Belleek. The pattern is similar to Irish Rose, but it is not the same as the Irish Rose pattern identified by Replacements Ltd. (www.replacements.com) which seems to be a reliable source for identifying collectibles. There was nothing listed on this site for pattern name, FINN, but my guess is that 7031 FINN BELL is the item number and pattern name. Others ABA members may be able to provide better information.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, Larissa,

      I don’t know what FINN means but my


      is that it might be the name of the previous owner with the “7031” meaning the number of bells in the owner’s collection when it was bought. When I take bells for display or for “Bell and Tell” at ABA chapter meetings or conventions, I usually put such a sticker inside those bells to identifying its owner.

      I definitely agree with Ailene’s information about the stamp inside the bell.


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