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      I have this bell that says #24 C.S. Bell &Co. It is 24 inches across. I have seen other bells that will read #3 and are also large. What does the # mean? I would like to find someone to buy this but not sure what to tell them about the #. I thought it was the size but obviously #3 is more than 3 inches.
      Thank you for your help, Kathy

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      Foundries used different designations for different sizes.
      CS Bell made a 12″ f62 through the No.3, 18 in an UPRIGHT then they made the No.4, 20″ in belfry stands with a CRANK arm. The next size was also 20″, No.20 in stands with wheel for the rope.
      Then the 24″dia. No.24, 26″dia. No.26 up through the No.54
      Identify yours as a 24″ diameter, No.24.
      Limited appeal without stands, or wheel.
      Good Luck

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