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      hi all! I’ve recently aquired this huge c.s. bell co bell. The mouth of the bell measures 20″ across and it weighs approx. 50 lbs. and on the yoke it reads ” THE C. S. BELL CO HILLSBORO.O. Also in the center of the yoke it has the number 4 and on the bell itself it has the number 4. Everything is in great shape (i.e. bell, yoke, clapper) but i don’t have the stand for it. I’ve done some research on it and ive seen bells that look identical except in the center of the yoke they have a 1 or a 3 etc. but i’ve yet to see one that has a 4 in the center and is in this good of shape. My uncle owns a powdercoating shop so I took it to there and had him sandblast it then I put a coat of primer on it. I was going to have him powdercoat it but i know with old antiques if u attempt to restore them you can mess with the originality of them so I only put a thin coat of primer that could easily be removed just to maintain it. Any info on this bell would be very helpful! I am looking to sell it and was wondering what it was worth. From what i’ve seen this size bell usually sells for $250-500 or more depending on the buyer and condition of the bell and this one is in great shape . Once again any information would be greatly appreciated. I was unable to upload pics of it but i do have several pictures of the bell

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      CS Bell made hundreds of thousands of farm bells in four sizes, yours being the largest, and none of the sizes are particularly scarce. Type CS Bell in the search (upper right corner) for a lot of information about the foundry or Google it for other websites. I purchased a complete number 4 CS in excellent condition 2 years ago for $150 from an Indiana antiques dealer. Farm bells tend to fetch more on the east and west coasts than in the middle and southern US.

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      If you would like me to add pictures to your posting, I will be glad to do that. Simply send me the pictures electronically at coordinator@americanbell.org and I’ll put them up for you.

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